Our Mission

We founded BioDiverse Perspectives to foster communication among graduate students, and between students and the broader scientific community, on biodiversity science. We believe science is a global endeavor, and young researchers should have an outlet to establish a global network of peers.

To that end, BioDiverse Perspectives is a dedicated forum to explore and discuss any topic relating to biodiversity, from theoretical and experimental ecology and biology to conservation and applied science. We encourage scientists of all backgrounds to participate, and focus on engaging graduate students and early career scientists.

What We Do

We have a long-running series providing commentary on foundational papers in biodiversity science, as well as new papers that are pushing the frontiers of the field. We also conduct interviews with leading scientists and promote interaction between them and our readers. Every Friday, we round up interesting articles for our weekly link dump, ranging from new papers to fun asides. We are constantly working to bring more and different kinds of content to the blog, including integrating it into the classroom.

We welcome contributions or ideas for new content. If you have a comment or suggestion, please get in touch with us at: http://biodv.com/contribute.

The History

Starting in the fall of 2011, 112 graduate students and 23 faculty from 14 institutions in 5 countries came together in a distributed graduate seminar to advance our knowledge of the diversity of life through the integration of educational and research initiatives.

Students from this seminar were eager to find ways to continue to collaborate with one another and to expand the engagement beyond seminar participants. The result is this blog.

Who Are We

BioDiverse Perspectives is administered and edited by a steering committee of graduate students:

Editor in Chief: Fletcher Halliday, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA

Academic LiaisonEmily Grason, University of Washington, USA

Communications and Outreach Chair, USA: Jon Lefcheck, Virginia Institute of Marine Science at The College of William & Mary, USA

Communications and Outreach Chair, International: Vinicius Bastazini, Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Continuity OfficerHillary Burgess, University of Washington, USA

Members at Large: Jes Coyle, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA; Nathan Johnson, Texas A&M University at Galveston, USA; Kylla Benes, Northeastern University Marine Science Center, USA.

Founded by: Vinicius Bastazini, Hillary Burgess, Fletcher Hallidy, Jon Lefcheck & Chelsea Robinson